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15th annual ‘Just Gardens’ tour outshines dreary weather

Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 9:39 am

If a regular downpour didn’t stop the Haven Shelter and Service’s “Just Gardens” tour last year, light rain mist and occasional drizzle wasn’t going to stop it this year.

The tour of four gardens along the Great Wicomico River drew between 450 and 500 visitors Friday and Saturday Anne Olsen, chairman of the tour and also one of the gardeners whose work was on display, said Sunday. “It went wonderfully,” she said. “We are a die hard crew of gardeners.”

Olsen said visitors came from as far away as Washington D.C and Williamsburg.

The gardens on display belonged to Olsen, Sue and Brian Kosinski and their neighbor Janice Mahoney and Margaret and Ted Curtis. Shiloh School served as the tour’s touchpoint where lunch and information was available.

Looking over the Kosinski garden above the Balls Creek arm of the Great Wicomico, Sue Lindsey, one of the Master Gardeners who is integral to the tour, noted that the gardens on the slope down to the creek caught sediment that would otherwise end up in the water polluting it. “The gardens control the run-off,” she said. Even if the sediment is free of harmful materials, it still blocks light from reaching the floor of the creeks and rivers, she said.

The tour Friday and Saturday was the 15th annual fund raising tour for The Haven. Over the years it has raised $140,000 for the shelter for abused women and their children.