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A champion mindset

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 1:36 pm

Rising Northumberland High School senior Clayton Cash has been busy this summer. In a recent, July 13 meet, he broke two national and 13 state records in the Junior Men’s 16-17 division at the Second Drug Tested Virginia State Power Lifting Championships. The event held at Tysons Playground at Tysons Corner, was for those athletes that do not take performance enhancing drugs. Cash is the son of Stephen and Liza Cash of Heathsville.

Cash has been lifting competitively for only three months under the watchful eye of Coach Brandon Jones. In the championships, his maximum squat was 308 pounds, bench press 365 pounds and dead lift of 375 pounds.

Cash broke records in all three categories with two new national records in the bench press event. The former record was 253 pounds.

In weight-lifting events, an individual has three attempts at each event. By their rules, a person sets a new record and can break their own record on each attempt after. Cash broke the state record for both the untested and the tested (for enhancing drugs) on each of his lifts in the squat event. He broke the record in the bench press, again for both tested and untested athletes on all three attempts, and he broke the state record for the dead lift twice in the meet.

Coach Brandon Jones said of Cash’s hard work, “As far as Clay’s training, [he] went through vigorous training both here at the Y and at home where he has some of his own equipment. He underwent five to six training sessions a week, some that lasted up to four hours at a time. All power lifting programs are detailed and meticulous and are just as mentally tough as they are physically.  Clay did really well and was a soldier and never complained, keeping a champion mindset.”

Clayton Cash has broken 2 national and 13 state records.