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A different way of learning

Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 12:07 pm

Everyone has heard of Flash Mobs that break out in public places when people from a group would start dancing in shopping malls, airports and other crowded places to the surprise and delight of the crowd. The genius of the flash mob is something different and seemingly spontaneous.

Northumberland High School has introduced a new and unique concept of flash seminars. Echols Scholar, Laura Nelson of Westwood Mass, introduced the concept first developed at UVA.

Staff Counselors Hailey Kitchen and Sarah Henry have put together classes and seminars that are not usually something one can study in school and will encourage students to think outside the normal curriculum.

The unique classes range from the basics of scuba diving to metal detecting; even to breaking an untamed horse where students learn the steps to take a 2-year old green, never ridden horse and train it safely to be rideable.

The staff and students are able to participate together in classes and even Principal Dr. Burns joined in an improv drama class where participants took a subject or topic and made up their own dialogue.

The purpose of the class is for students and staff to join together and learn subject matter outside the normal curriculum. Students and teachers, without the thought of class credits or class grades, determined the subject matter.

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Northumberland High School offers a new way for students to learn interactively.