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A higher degree of respect

Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 1:10 pm

When students from Northumberland, Richmond, and Westmoreland counties walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, they won’t just be smarter in the traditional three R’s – “reading’, ritin’, and ‘rithmatic;” they’ll be well-versed in another important R – respect.

In addition to their own boosted self-respect, graduates will now consider their peers’ wishes, feelings, and rights more deliberately thanks in large part to educational partnerships and prevention programs spearheaded by The Haven Shelter and Services, Inc., in Warsaw.

After six years of partnership with local public-school systems, many graduating seniors have participated in both middle school and high school sessions of evidence-based educational programs designed to promote healthier relationships both in and out of school. Area teachers have also learned new ways to spot, understand, and reduce behavioral health disorders caused by trauma through The Haven’s Trauma Informed Leadership Team training; TILT helps keep students in school by training teachers to recognize problems caused by poverty and violence, and by ensuring they get the guidance and support they need.

Students overwhelmingly agree the programs offers honest, helpful and long-lasting guidance. Among the anonymous comments made by Richmond County High School students who recently participated in the Do You: Building Youth Resilience through Creative Expression program were: “Assertiveness has always been a struggle for me and this experience has given me tools to be able to communicate better,” and [this] “has been an amazing experience and I am thankful for my mentors’ cohort. I have enjoyed finding out [things] about myself and others. I hope that I/we can spread the positive influence that this program encourages.”

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