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A love and bond that transcends over a thousand miles

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 4:20 pm

 Katelyn Kuykendall with one of her “kids” from the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in the Dakotas.

Katelyn Kuykendall with one of her “kids,” or the many children with who she has come to form a close bond from the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in the Dakotas.

When word got out that Katelyn Kuykendall was in the state of North Dakota, 10 little girls eagerly gathered at the Tipi Wakan Church on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian reservation where she did her mission work.
They climbed atop the roof of the church to get a glimpse of her car over the hill.
As her vehicle came closer, they excitedly jumped down to the lower roof and then onto the ground, running towards her car as it pulled into the parking lot. When she opened the door, they joyously screamed “Mom!” and tackled her with a flurry of loving embraces.
Kuykendall said “that was just a great moment. I think that just shows….how much they care for me and how much I care for them.”
The close bond that the Warsaw native, Bethany Baptist Church member and University of Mary Washington student now shares with the children goes back five years when she first heard about the mission trip to the Native American reservation. And it is a mission that has stayed alive through events such as the upcoming Bethany Baptist Owl Town 10K in Callao.
Before Kuykendall’s first mission to North Dakota, she had already been involved in several local mission and volunteer activities since a young age from serving meals to the homeless in nearby cities to spending time with people in nursing homes.
But her first trip to the Standing Rock reservation was “a total culture shock.” She noted that people on the reservation struggled with…

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