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Adding some spice to the school year

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Being the first of the school year the Northumberland County School Board’s meeting last Tuesday was more about what is going to happen than what has happened.

First on the agenda were the reports of the three school’s principals regarding the opening of their schools and things they hope to accomplish.

Dr. Travis Burns of the high school said he and his staff mean to make school “a little more interesting.” To that end they are setting a new tone every Monday. The first Monday, for example, Burns had dressed like a chicken. He did not say FFA was coming back to the school.

The middle school’s principal, Javornda Ashton, noted that her students were being shown a video on expectations and an assembly devoted to responsible use of social media is planned. The school also has new bus loading procedures that are working “wonderfully,” she said.

The elementary school’s principal, Stephanie Baker, reported that her school also has new pick up procedures for its students and would be having a Patriots Day celebration on September 11. “Announcing the results of the school’s summer reading program is also coming up,” she said.

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