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Artists participate in burn party extravaganza

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 1:54 pm

“I love going to different places to paint,” said artist Brenda Sylvia. Sylvia spent 9 years on St. Thomas Island painting a series of paintings called “Beautiful on the Edges.” She completed 27 pieces of work and sold most of the paintings while she was still at St. Thomas. “I was working my way around the island trying to hit all the different beaches.
Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Marie took out her condo with 185 mile sustained winds so she found herself spending most of her time fixing up the condo before returning to the states.
Sylvia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from James Madison University in 1983. In 2004 she earned her Masters Degree from George Washington University.
Sylvia said that in 2008 she went to the Islands for 5 months and forgot to come back.
Sylvia does paintings of almost any subject matter and had painting on display from ocean cliffs to flowers, to cats and humans and appeared as a spontaneous adventure.
Her work with acrylics and oil paints to pastels offered a wide variety of colors to the viewer.
“The paints themselves behave differently,” Sylvia said.
“Acrylics will dry to the touch in about 15 minutes, so you have less time to go back and soften up your edges.

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