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Asking the right questions

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 2:19 pm

Domestic violence. We hear about it all the time. In the newspaper, on social media, on the nightly news. When you hear about another case of domestic violence, also called intimate partner violence, do you ask yourself: Why don’t they just leave? Why go back to an abuser? Why did they drop the protective order? The answers are as complex as the issue of domestic violence  itself.

Many barriers to escaping abusive relationships exist in our society. Among the greatest, ironically, is society. Society expects us to be in a relationship. People not in committed relationships are devalued, looked down upon as having a deep-seated personality flaw.  We’re encouraged to rebuild relationships before giving up on them – even if they’re unhealthy. In addition, employment opportunities that pay enough, not to mention provide enough work hours to support a single-parent household are few and far between.  Top it off with the lack of affordable housing and transportation, plus a legal process that costs far more than most can afford, and you have a domestic violence problem that never improves.

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