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Beating the back to school blues

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 9:18 am

Judging from the excited smiling faces of the kids, it would be hard to tell that Northumberland County’s “Back to School” rally Saturday had serious purposes. It did, but they were smoothly folded into the fun of the day.

Michael Ransome, the schools’ Director of Student Services/Achievement Gap Initiative, said after the rally that it has two primary goals. Firstly, the rally is designed to support students and families who haven’t the resources to equip the youngsters for the school year and, secondly to connect the community with the schools. “It’s a good way to make the initial contact,” said Ransome.

Ransome said he had been worried about how many people would come to the rally. There were several competing events going on. Ransome needn’t have worried. By his count, 252 students along with members of their families showed up. The middle/high school parking lots were all but filled. Inside, the foot traffic in the hall was so heavy that it sometimes stopped as people going both directions decided who would go first. “It was a remarkable turn-out,” Ransome said.

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