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Bloom where you’re planted

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Treasure Paula Boundy of the Virginia Native Plant Society of the Northern Neck Chapter was extremely pleased with the turnout Saturday for the Native Plant Sale held at Wicomico Church.
The fundraiser helps to fund programs, publishing, and educational materials.
“We have a demo garden at Shiloh School where we donate plants. We have also helped and designed native plant gardens at Belle Isle State Park that emphasize and feature Northern Neck native plants,” Boundy said. “One of the native plants we have is the Seashore Mallow. It’s a wonderful plant to grow here because they recognize the dirt here and they recognize the climate, Bounty said. “The Hummingbirds and the butterfly’s love them.”
The society has programs where they feature growing, cultivation and recognition of ferns, mosses, and lichens that grow on the trees. “They are indications of the quality of the environment. When you have lichens growing that usually means a healthy environment and air quality,” Bounty said.
The society has field trips for anyone who wants to participate and learn more about Northern Neck native plants. “The field trips are a wonderful way to learn how natives grow in nature. We have 13 species of Native Orchids that grow in the Northern Neck. The largest and the showiest species are the Lady Slippers. We have field trips to go show people these. The pink ones are known as Moccasin Flowers,” Bounty said.
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