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Bringing work to life

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019 at 5:06 pm

It has been said that every person is born with a special talent and through luck or circumstance, those who get the chance to explore their innate talent are fortunate indeed.  Mary Lloyd, a recent graduate of St. Margaret’s School in Tappahannock, is one of those fortunate ones whose talent was discovered early in her life. Lloyd began drawing faces at an early age, and today she is an accomplished portrait painter with a twist.

“I’m pulled toward drawing and painting people’s faces, but want my art to be a bit on the surreal side,” Lloyd said. “I don’t twist or distort my subject’s face, the eyes and ears are all in the right places, but I do like to change the clothing or skin tone of, say, an arm or leg to reflect and/or  become a part of the landscape in the background.

“For example, my subject might have butterflies or flowers instead of hair. Arms and legs might have a landscape or water scene painted on them instead of just a skin tone. Some of my paintings are pretty straight forward; it all depends on the type of social message I am trying to convey.”

Lloyd’s use of realism and fantasy in her work serve her well, giving her the artistic freedom to “go beyond the pale” and explore the complexities of life using acrylic paint as her voice. Her mastery of painting enriched skin tones in her facial portraits is a joy for any viewer’s eye.  “I have to thank my art teacher, the late Mrs. Konstantina Konstantinos, who encouraged me to keep a paintbrush in my hand and paint, paint, paint. Mrs. K – as she was known to her students – was a successful portraiture artist originally from Bulgaria who taught art at St. Margaret’s School for many years. Mrs. K’s influence extended past portraiture; she also encouraged Lloyd to stretch her talents and be chosen as co-captain of the Tech crew for the school’s recent production of “Cinderella.”

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Mary Lloyd like to put her own unique twist on her paintings.