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Building a best friend

Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 11:01 am

A crowd of youngsters from three years old up converged on Northumberland Public Library Thursday to “Build-A-Bear.”

So far as anyone could tell, no bears were built but foxes, raccoons, owls and moose were.

The youngsters received empty animals that they stuffed to build them into filled up, puffy, fluffy toys.

The organization that supplied the kits, Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop, hadn’t sent enough stuffing to make plump animals, Angela Dawson said, so she bought several pillows from the Family Dollar store from which ample stuffing was available.

Neither Dawson nor another adult there, were able to get a sure count on the number of kids. “They kept coming and going,” Dawson said, but a pair of teen-aged library aides, Anna Jett and Nigeria Ball, got a solid number. They said 19 youngsters had made the plush toys.

Now retired Childrens Librarian Jan Bates set the program up before she left the library.

In addition to the toys themselves, the youngsters got “birth certificates” for their animals that listed the toy’s names, ID numbers and date of “birth.”