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Cars to help Humanity

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 10:07 am

A beautiful summer day is the perfect time to enjoy classic cars, good company, and tasty treats such as burgers and milkshakes. Warm wind ruffling your hair and snapping flags, lines of polished automobiles from eras past, smiling faces and the murmur of conversations, and folks sitting in lawn chairs in the shade was the scene on Saturday, August 5, at T&J’s Dairy Barn in Burgess. But, it had the extra motivation of helping others by raising money for the Lancaster/Northumberland Habitat for Humanity. Marty Dwyer, Deloris Norris, and Anne Haas stood under the pop-up tent, or mingled with the crowd, as they explained to interested people what they do for the community and accepted donations.

Car enthusiasts like, Nadine Cornwell, showed off their treasured vehicles. Ms. Cornwell proudly displayed her 1970 VW Bug, affectionately dubbed BubbleLicious, with its 5 TVs, and 26 speakers that played mostly old school R&B in a sound system that took up most of the trunk. She purchased it in 2011 and had done a complete restoration. Joe Sawyer of Gloucester proudly showed off his 1968 GMC pickup, Little Grasshopper. Dozens of other cars from the past 80 years were admired, from Corvettes and Mustangs, Porches and Jaguars, to a military jeep and a classic Ford-100.

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