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Celebrating 150 years

Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 10:23 am

With Shiloh Baptist Church in Burgess’s 150th anniversary celebration fast approaching, the committee in charge of organizing the event met Friday morning to plan for the run-up to the two-day affair.

The actual celebration will take place Aug. 12 and 13.On the 12th, there will be a banquet and on the 13th a service commemorating Paymus Nutt’s establishment of the church in 1867.

Pastor Willard Felton, who is Shiloh’s seventh pastor in its 150 years, met with Vivian Johnson, Frances Robinson, Gwendolyn Basker, Robin Hudnall and Crystal Taylor-Kent for what they called “in depth planning.” All year, the church has had a speaker every fourth Wednesday night as part of the celebration, the group noted but now committees are needed for specific jobs. They are needed for creating a journal covering the church’s history, obtaining publicity for the affair, selling ads and tickets and soliciting sponsorships, the group said.

The group noted that a prime goal is to assure the entire community knows about the celebration.

One of the early means of letting folks know about the 150th celebration is a large sign facing Route 360 that the church has erected saying the event is coming up.