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Chase in Northumberland ends in fiery crash; driver and passenger survive

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:07 am

If people listening to Northumberland emergency radio bands thought there had been a fatal auto wreck near Remo last Wednesday, they weren’t the only ones.

The police thought so, too.

Northumberland County’s Sheriff C.A. Wilkins said Friday that his officers had been in pursuit of a vehicle that crossed Route 200 onto Remo Road at Wicomico Church at such a high speed that “it went airborne.”

The officers lost sight of the vehicle’s tail lights and, when they doubled back, they found it: a 2001 Lincoln, crashed in the woods “wrapped around a tree” with the driver’s side door pinned against the tree. The vehicle was on fire.

The officers got a passenger out of the car but heat and fire drove them back before they could extract the driver.

State Trooper E.D. Haynie arrived and, when the fire died down, the burned vehicle was towed from the site so firemen could get into it and recover the body, of which all involved were sure was there.

But it wasn’t.

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