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Civil case dismissed against Northumberland sheriff

Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 12:46 pm


Northumberland County Sheriff C.A. Wilkins said Saturday that his lawyers had informed him Friday that the civil cases against him brought by an underaged girl and her parents had been dismissed.

Wilkins and numerous school officials were sued in February by the girl and her parents based on improprieties committed against her by Northumberland High School resource officer and county deputy Derek Jones.

The suit sought $16 million in damages.

The action against Wilkins asserted that he had an obligation to more closely monitor the use of the county vehicle assigned to Jones and the contents of Jones’ county issued cell phone. The action also alleged that Wilkins and others did not do enough when notified that the girl was spending time in Jones’ office with the windows shaded and door closed.

Wilkins said that his lawyers had phoned him with the news and he had not yet seen the order dismissing the civil actions against him.

Dr. Rebecca Gates, Superintendent of Schools for Northumberland County, said Monday that she had not heard that the cases so far as they are against school connected people had been dismissed. So far as she knew those cases were still going on.

The cases were filed in Richmond County’s circuit court but were removed to the United States District Court in Richmond by the defendants.