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Community gathers in prayer

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 9:23 am

Emotion filled the air on Wednesday, May 31, as citizens and local law enforcement officers from Lancaster gathered for a prayer vigil to honor the memory of fallen State Trooper Special Agent Michael T. Walter. A giant American flag was suspended high over the courthouse by a county fire tanker and it waved gently it the breeze as a symbol of hope and patriotism.

Sheriff Patrick McCranie opened the speaking portion of the event by thanking all in attendance. He gave special acknowledgements and condolences to his fellow officers, many of whom had met and even worked with Special Agent Walter. He offered his sincere appreciation to the officers for their work and the sacrifices that are made daily for our safety and protection.

McCranie flipped through his Bible and read Philippians 4:6-7 aloud. This scripture encourages readers not to be anxious but to instead bring prayers and thankfulness to God, which in return will bring peace.

The service was then handed over to Chaplain David Cromer of Corrotoman Baptist Church who read from the book of Romans chapter 8, which explains that no evil can separate us from God and that through him we can conquer everything; even death. He then led the crowd in a prayer for healing and peace for the family of the slain officer as well as for the safety of all of our local officers.

In conclusion Sheriff McCranie opened the floor to anyone who wanted to share with the crowd. A speechless and somber crowd reflected silently but no one stepped forward to speak. The vigil ended with McCranie again expressing his gratitude and love for his fellow officers.

A video from the vigil is available for viewers to watch at