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Computer ‘wizard’ moves up

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019 at 5:10 pm

Some of Northumberland’s technologically challenged folks will have to find a new source of help come September. Izaak Hagy, often called “the wizard” for his aid in solving computer problems people have been bringing to him at the Northumberland Public Library since he was 12 years old, will be going to college.

Six years ago, Izaak began making himself available at the library on Tuesday afternoons to help those with problems. He had a steady stream of visitors every week. The busiest time of the year was the end of December. “There was always an increase after Christmas when people would bring in their new toys,” Izaak said Friday.

Izaak said no particular problem he had to solve stood out in his memory but the most difficult ones were when somebody had let an outside site gain control of their computer. Rooting them out could be hard, he said.

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Izaak Hagy will attend Old Dominion University to study electrical and computer engineering.