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Couponing Queens

Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 11:32 am

Grocery shopping is one of those inevitable parts of life that most of us have to face on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. While grocery shopping is not generally an enjoyable activity, for those struggling to make ends meet, it can be a major cause of stress.  In a day and time where prices on household items seem to be getting higher and higher all the time, best friend duo Renice Craigway and Amanda Johnson are on a mission to bless others by sharing their extensive knowledge of couponing and smart shopping.

For Johnson, the fascination and necessity for couponing came about through a very unexpected time of hardship. Johnson’s husband, who acted as the sole breadwinner for the family, was left severely disabled after a minor surgery led to some complications.  The family was hit hard as they were forced to undergo some major life changes and were faced with the challenge of getting by with less. Renice Craigway saw the struggle that the family was facing and knew that she had to do anything she could to help. Together the pair started with what seemed like a simple solution; clipping coupons.

At first glance, couponing seems very simple, and to some extent it is, but the question arises, how can saving less than a dollar on most items really make a difference? The fact of the matter is, when done correctly, couponing really can drastically cut your costs. For the beginner this seems like an unrealistic concept but for the Kingdom Savings Queens (a nickname the two best friends have coined for themselves) this is a way of life. Through years of trial, error, and learning experiences the ladies have nearly mastered the art of couponing.


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