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Dems fired up for new congressional candidate

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at 8:56 am

After Democratic congressional candidate Vangie Williams visited with Northumberland County Democrats at their meeting in Heathsville Thursday, July 19, they seemed fired up. The committee’s treasurer, Badger Godwin, had an idea just how fired up they were. Since becoming treasurer several month’s ago, Godwin analyzed the committee’s books and calculated it had collected and average of $52 at its meetings in 2017. Thursday night it collected $1100 Godwin said. A late donation raised the total to $1500 chairman Frank Kober said Monday. Kober and former chairman Dick Saxer said the crowd of 47 people who came to hear Williams was the largest local party meeting they could recall. “She’s got my hopes up,” Saxer said of Williams who is running against five-term incumbent Republican Rob Wittman of Montross. Williams said she is running as an American rather than a party line candidate, “The division in the country is unhealthy.” Offered an opportunity to attack Wittman by Jenny Creeth who wanted Williams to “call (Wittman) out as a chicken,” Williams declined to so. “ Don’t argue with anyone,” Williams said. Williams, who is an African-American, recounted a friendly conversation she’d fallen into at a Confederate Historical Association table at a recent event, “We talked about issues. I found a lot of support there.”
Williams said she is pushing for a single payer health care system and building the infrastructure needed for the economies of areas such as the Northern Neck to thrive. As to infrastructure, Williams pointed out that the Norris Bridge at White Stone is downright dangerous and needs to be replaced.