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Equal Rights Amendment debate

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 11:59 am

At its meeting at the Northumberland Public Library in Heathsville Thursday night the county’s Democratic Committee decided to weigh in with support of three pieces of legislation pending before the General Assembly.

The committee decided to support a current proposal that Virginia adopt the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which would make it explicit that the Constitution covers women as well as men. The proposed amendment was first suggested in the 1970s but did not get enough states’ support to be adopted before the time for its adoption expired. The proposal has recently been revived.

The committee also decided to let the General Assembly know it supports a proposal to created a non-partisan redistricting commission. Bills before the General Assembly would create a 12-person commission made up of equal numbers of Democrats, Repub;licans and Independents.

The Democrats also decided to let the General Assembly now it favors returning to the formerly used voter registration cards issued upon registration as proof of eligibility to vote. Currently, a photo ID must be shown to vote.

Joe Schlatter, who chaired the meeting, said that the availability of photo Ids from the Department of Motor Vehicles for those who don’t have drivers licenses is seen by some as a poll tax since the Ids cost $5 each. He said the availability of free photo IDs from voting registrars really doesn’t help because few know about them.

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