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Faith and strength

Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at 10:48 am

“My friends tell me God chose me to go through this to tell a story to not give up, to not lose your faith and to give that battle all you’ve got in order to win,” said two-time breast cancer survivor Judy Jett.
“I’ve never asked why me. I believe stress helps the cancer thrive, and I believe a positive attitude saved my life,” she said.
Jett’s first breast cancer diagnosis came in August of 2005 while her husband had late-stage colon cancer. He passed away weeks later, leaving her to face the battle without her partner of 42 years.
She had two surgeries related to the lumpectomy. Then, in October she underwent MammoSite Radiation Therapy, a form of post-surgery treatment where radiation is administered internally. That method allowed her to have the equivalent of 40 external beam treatments in just one week.
“That was it,” she said, describing it as a fairly smooth process. There were no complications and for the next 12 years she proceeded with life never giving a thought to dealing with breast cancer a second time.
“Then, in May 2016, I found a typical-looking bruise on the same breast as the lumpectomy. I went on about my business and about a week later, I found a small lump there.
But I told myself, ‘well you would have a lump if you hit something hard enough to bruise, and I still wasn’t concerned.

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