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‘I will not be muzzled’

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at 10:54 am

Former chairman, Bill Kling, resigns from Northumberland planning commission 


After nearly 10 years on the Northumberland Planning Commission, former chairman and District 2 commissioner William “Bill” Kling resigned from the commission when he was not re-elected as chairman during their Jan. 19 organizational meeting. “I take this as a personal affront,” stated Kling after seven of the 10 commissioners voted District 4 Commissioner Alfred Fisher, Jr. as the Chairman for the 2017 year. Commissioner Garfield Parker and Commissioner Wellington Shirley, Jr. abstained from the vote along with Kling himself. None of the commissioners nominated Kling.

After the vote, District 5 Commissioner Charles Williams thanked Kling for an “excellent job.” Kling responded, “There was some conservation that I had gone public with a statement that was regarded by members of this commission and by others in the county as speaking on behalf of the commission in the controversy dealing with the school board. My statement to the school board and subsequent statements have nothing at all to do with this commission.”

Kling claimed he used his title as Chairman of the Planning Commission and Chairman ofkling the Economic Development Commission to show credibility within his public statements. “I never said that I was speaking for this commission, nor would I have said

that at any point without your permission to speak for this commission,” stated Kling, “Nevertheless, this action has now been taken.”

Kling then stated he was turning in his resignation from the commission to the County Administrator the next morning. Lutrell Tadlock, Northumberland County Administrator, confirmed he received Kling’s resignation the next day, via email. Tadlock said there was no indication Kling was leaving the Economic Development Commission.

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