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Kidnapping victim flees

Posted on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 1:48 pm

Prosecutors were forced to Nolle Prosequi kidnapping charges against Dalton Douglas, 25 of Westmoreland County on Tuesday, February 5 in Northumberland County Circuit Court. The alleged victim, Brittney Martin, 24, had been living in the Reedville area before relocating to the shelter in Warsaw. After checking both locations, deputies were unable to find Martin to serve the subpoena for the trial. Authorities do not believe foul play was a factor in Martin’s disappearance and have information from Martin’s family that Martin has left the state but did not know where.

Authorities are not sure why Martin decided to leave the area with her two-year-old son, but did not rule out it could be a possibility that she feared testifying against Douglas.

The Nolle Prosequi by the Commonwealth means they do not wish to prosecute at this time. The Commonwealth has up to one year to bring the charges back into the Circuit Court; without the testimony of Martin it would be very unlikely that the prosecution would be able to get a conviction.

The alleged incident occurred on August 28, 2018 when Kayla Chatham, 23 picked up Martin and her son from a friend’s house to give Martin a ride home. Once she and her son got into the car, Chatham and the alleged suspect, Dalton Douglas informed Martin that they were not taking her home, but instead to a party at a friends house in Tappahannock where there was going to be a fight.

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