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Lancaster discusses schools

Posted on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 9:36 am

The possibility of a new school or schools in Lancaster County is coming closer to fruition.  In a special Lancaster school board meeting on April 6, the School Facilities Committee and consulting firm VMDO Architects unveiled the beginning stages of their planning for the future of Lancaster Public schools. The school board after hearing the recommendations given during the presentation are now faced with the daunting task of appearing before the board of supervisors to ask for tax changes that would allow for funding of the project.

Though it is still to early for detailed architectural drawings and exact location selection, the committee laid out a road map of potential ideas.  The estimates that have been given so far lead to the conclusion that the building of one integrated high school and middle school along with the renovation of the current middle school into an elementary school is likely the best option. According to VMDO, When looking at the cost of renovating all 3 schools rather then new construction, the cost is actually less for the new construction and clearly makes more sense.

As it stands currently, the plan calls for a elementary school of approximately 98,880 square feet with a projected cost of $26.66 million and a combined Middle/High school of about 124,797 square feet with a cost of around $44.28 million.  These costs take into consideration factors such as inflation,  student body growth, energy costs, etc. These costs do not however include the price of purchasing land.

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