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Meet Mike Ransome, Northumberland Middle School’s new principal

Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 12:57 pm

Mike Ransome is the new Northumberland Middle School Principal.

Mike Ransome is the new Northumberland Middle School Principal.

Mike Ransome, the new Principal of Northumberland Middle School was born and grew up in Middlesex County, but Ransome seemed destined to be an educator, even at an early age.

When he was just a little boy, he used his younger sister as his first pupil. He liked giving  her quizzes and tests. “I  used to get so much joy in marking her papers right, or wrong,  with a red pen” he said. When asked if he was like some older brothers who would have had fun making X marks on their little sister’s  papers,  he responded with a hearty laugh and said, “I never got a bigger joy than by giving her an excellence on her papers.” Ransome is two and a half years older than  his sister, who grew up to be a teacher, too, and they have  an older brother.

After Ransome graduated from  St. Paul’s College, he returned home  to Middlesex County and taught Special Education on the High School level in neighboring King and Queen County for two years, from 1996  to 1998. He then went to  Essex County where he coached girls and boys basketball, and taught in Essex Intermediate School for about eight years. He left there in 2005.  After that, he went on to the City of Richmond Elementary School for two years and later taught at a Middle school for two years. During that time he got his Masters Degree from Virginia State University during his last year in Richmond.

“That’s when I got the opportunity  to  come to Westmoreland County as Assistant Principal and where I have stayed for the past five years,” he said.

Ransome lives in Richmond,  where he just bought a home in the Varina area. During the week he lives in the Northern Neck, where a nice lady rents him a room, he said. This is his third year there as he doesn’t like to commute back and forth to Richmond every day.  On weekends he goes home to his wife and daughter, who still live in Richmond.

Ransome says he is married to a very lovely lady he calls his “California Sunshine,” whom he met when both were at St. Paul’s College. He said one day, when he was in the school cafeteria…

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