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Muddling through the winter outdoors

Posted on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 10:31 am

Northumberland’s outdoor folk are experiencing one of the toughest and longest winters in decades. Only the hardiest and determined rabbit hunters have been braving sub-zero wind chills and both the beagles and the rabbits have their own levels of tolerance for this weather.
Denning up in timber cutover, rabbits can use the four to six inches of snow cover as insulation and a barrier to the ever active and efficient canine nose of a rabbit beagle. It’s hard to get a lot of things moving in the outdoors, including us. Deer have been “yarding up” during these bone-chilling cold spells in locales that hold the most browse and other food sources, When it is this cold and snow laden, you find one deer, or you may find 10 or 15 more in the same place. When the wind lays down, the deer roam to snow covered fields where you will see them pawing through the snow cover to feed on winter wheat, crop shoots or seeds. Cases of cabin fever have been numerous this winter season and with us not knowing what’s in store for us next month, planning for some get-ready tasks for the early spring seasons is in order.

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