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New director takes the helm

Posted on Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 11:18 am

Change is on the horizon for the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum as a new director has taken the helm. Members were given a small glimpse of what is to come at the annual meeting held this past Sunday, February 26th.  While much important information was given in regards to the state of the museum, the highlight by far of the event was the official introduction of Ms. Lee Langston-Harrison, the museum’s newly installed executive director.

Before coming to the Reedville Fisherman’s museum, Langston-Harrison served as director of the Culpeper Museum of History. She has spent the past 30 years working at various museums and historic attractions around Virginia. She was introduced to the Reedville area and the museum through her brother and sister-in-law who live locally. Competition for the position was stiff, but out of the three serious contenders, Lee proved the best candidate.

Lee briefly addressed her vision for the museum and its future growth. She stressed the importance of creating a new and unified branding system to help promote the museum. In addition she announced that new wayfinding signage is set to be installed before the start of the season. She commented that “ the museum has great bones,” adding that it is time to “flush out the old bones”  to revitalize and bring new life to the museum.  Though her address at the meeting was short and sweet, her passion and excitement for her work and the future of the museum were clearly displayed through Ms. Langston-Harrison’s bubbly and heartfelt address.

President Bill Brent also took a few moments to share his thoughts in regards to the museum’s future. He remarked that 2016 had been a year spent “keeping the ship afloat” without much opportunity for new outreach.

He expressed a confidence in improving efforts this year and noted that the overall “health of the museum” is good and “long term finances are excellent.”

Treasurer Tom Miller reported that there was a small spending defict for the 2016 season. One major setback arose when Festival Halle required extensive roofing repairs. On a more serious note, he addresse the romor that patron donations were not being used as intended by the giver. He stated that the rumor was “hurting the museum” and “casting doubt” on its itegiriy. Miller assured members that contributions are always greatly appreciated and never used inappropriately.

The meeting concluded with the installation of new board members Becky Haynie, Thomas Nutt, Jim Schafer, and Edward J. Wiley, Jr.