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Northumberland County community gives state championship winning baseball team emotional homecoming

Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 11:35 am

DSCN1288Cell phones relayed the news to the people waiting in Village that the bus bringing Northumberland’s state champion baseball team home had crossed the Downing Bridge and would cross the line into the county in about a half an hour.

A Fairfields Volunteer Fire Department truck drove through, rushing to join the sheriffs patrol cars and other emergency vehicles forming up at Normans Corner to escort the champs down Route 360 to the high school.

In Callao at least a hundred people, many with homemade signs in hand, parked in the EVB Bank and adjacent parking lots waiting for the team to arrive. You could hear the bus’s escorts long before they broke the turn at the Callao stoplight. Their horns were honking, sirens wailing, lights flashing. Sheriff Chuck Wilkins led the procession followed by his officers, the emergency vehicles and people who’d fallen into line to take the team home. By the time the parade reached Lottsburg…


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