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Northumberland County in need of polling officers

Posted on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 at 5:26 pm

The Northumberland County Electoral Board is seeking county residents who are interested in working at county polling places on Election Day.

There are about 50 residents currently serving as Officers of Election throughout the county. Electoral Board members recently noted more Officers of Election are needed, and reserve officers who may be called on short notice in case of emergency are in short supply.

Officers are appointed for a term of one to two years, but many times continue to serve for many years. When appointed, each officer takes an oath of office and indicates which party they prefer to represent at the polls on Election Day. The Electoral Board conducts training sessions usually a week or two prior to Election Day, which all officers are required to attend.

Officers of Election must report to their assigned polling place at 5 a.m. on Election Day and remain there until the polls are closed, reports are completed, results transmitted to the central office and the supplies are packed up to be returned.

Citizens who wish to serve must be registered to vote in Northumberland County and cannot hold any elected officer or be the deputy of any elected government official.

Officers are compensated for Election Day, the training session and any mileage they incur.

Please help us to serve the voters of Northumberland County. Individuals who are interested in serving should contact the Northumberland County Electoral Board by phone at 804-580-4655, by email at, or by visiting our officer in the Northumberland County Courthouse, East Wing, lower level, 72 Monument Pl., Heathsville.