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Northumberland Democrats discuss meeting with Delegate Margaret Ransone

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 12:58 pm


Del. Margaret Ransone

When Northumberland County’s Democratic Committee met in Heathsville Thursday, it learned that four of its members had what Joe Schlatter termed a “very cordial” meeting with Virginia’s 99th District Delegate Margaret Ransone, a Republican, on July 3.

Schlatter, David Cariens, Horace Adams and Kitty Creeth all reported on their talk with Ransone and, in some cases, were able to relate that Ransone was favorably disposed to the ideas they presented. Saturday, Schlatter related what the four were able to report.

Creeth directed Ransone’s attention to the Northern Neck’s total lack of “forensic nurses.” Such nurses are needed during the investigation of sexual assault cases such as rapes. Because the Northern Neck lacks such nurses, who are trained as experts and can testify at trials, victims have to remain in the clothing they were wearing when they reported the attacks and remain unwashed until they can be transported to either Richmond or Fredericksburg, where a forensic nurse can gather evidence from their persons. The delay makes a bad…


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