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Northumberland school board to reduce teacher pay raises from 3 to 1 percent

Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 2:48 pm

At its meeting Monday night, the Northumberland County’s School Board shed little light on how it will disperse the funds allotted to it by the Board of Supervisors for the coming fiscal year.

The schools had asked for $17,383,259 and the supervisors gave them $16,207,863 divided between seven categories. The budget adopted at the school board’s meeting simply adopted the budget as laid out by the Supervisors. It provided no insight into how the school board meant to trim what it wanted to do in the coming year to fit the money available.

In response to a question, Chairman Dick Saxer said the school board was going to reduce the 3 percent pay raise it had wanted to give the school’s staff to a 1 percent raise.

That will free up $250,000 for four new positions the board thinks are necessary, he said.

The board  reportedly met June 26 in open session to approve the 1 percent raise.

Before taking up the budget, the board heard a report from Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Holly Wargo regarding classes being conducted in the schools during the summer and reports from high school principal Travis Burns regarding the possibility of acquiring Tablet (computers) for incoming freshmen. Burns also suggested that a procedure be put in place to make sure all the athletic coaches applied the same standards of eligibility for  players. Some coaches had raised requirements unilaterally, causing some problems, and Burns indicated he wants a system that is fair and consistent across the board.

The board recognized the state champion high school baseball team and its coach, Johnny Mothershead who was voted Coach of the Year. It also recognized the high school’s state champion track competitors including Ammer Veney and Kiondre Owens who were at the meeting.