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Off like a firecracker

Posted on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 9:24 am

More then 100 runners ranging in age and skill level gathered at Festival Halle in Reedville for their chance to take part in the Firecracker 5k run on Saturday, July 1. Participants included children, families, bikers, mothers with strollers, and even individuals in their 70’s.

The top times for the day went to men’s overall winner Hasan Gill with a time of 18:03 and women’s overall winner Taylor Clevinger with a time of 18:50. The race began around 8 a.m. and by 9:10 the last runners were crossing the finish line.


Women Overall

1st place- Taylor Clevinger

2nd place- Amy Jones

3rd place- Audrey Androus

Women 12 and Under

1st place- Pacey Magnuson

2nd place- Kiera Gwaltney

3rd place- Sarah Slenbier

Women 13-19

1st place- Erica Dale

2nd place- Elizabeth Vanderberg

3rd place- Aliya Magnuson

Women 20-29

1st place- Laura Frazho

2nd place- Sarah Jochem

3rd place- Christine Brugh

Women 30-39

1st place- Mary Frazho

2nd place- Caroline Foster

3rd place- Darci Hunt

Women 40-49

1st place- Heather Kahn

2nd place- Hilary Woodford

3rd place- Jan Hayes

Women 50-59

1st place- Kathy Weekman

2nd place- Gwendy Richmond

3rd place- Lidia Baca

Women 60-69

1st place- Martha Hulse

2nd place- Linda Peck

3rd place- Leslie Frazho

Women 70 and over

1st place- Brenda Willis

Men Overall

1st place- Hasan Gill

2nd place- Ricky Cappetta

3rd place- Kyle Rogers

Men 13-19

1st place- Joe Hardy

2nd place- Ben Armstrong

3rd place- Jack Hardy

Men 20-29

1st place- Brennon Saunders

2nd place- Tyler Smith

3rd place- Drake Cary

Men 30-39

1st place- Justin Frickie

2nd place- Chris Coyne

3rd place- Travers Foster

Men 40-49

1st place- Adam Mullins

2nd place- Paul Woodford

3rd place- Norman Hansen

Men 50-59

1st place- Jim Doliber

2nd place- Jim Schuetz

3rd place- Greg Smith

Men 60-69

1st place- Bruce Hulse

2nd place- David Pinnick

3rd place- Bruce Belt

Men 70 and over

1st place- Steve Foster

2nd place- William King