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Police teamwork nets arrests

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 10:54 am

Brittney Martin, 24, had no idea that the night of August 28, 2018 was going to turn out the way it did. When Kayla Chatham and Dalton Douglas picked up Martin and her two-year old son, she was informed that they were not taking her home, but instead to a fight party.
According to the recitation of the evidence in Circuit Court, Douglas had told Martin they were going to film it and it was going to be awesome.
When Martin found out whose house they were taking her to, she realized it was a person she did not get along with and believed that she was the one that was targeted to be involved in an altercation and possible assault.
At this point Martin asked repeatedly to be taken home but Chatham and Douglas refused.
During this time, Douglas who was originally driving, asked Chatham to drive since he was in fear of being stopped by police because he did not have a driver’s license and was on probation. Chatham took over the driving duties but still refused to take Martin home after being asked to do so repeatedly. In the meantime, Martin was able to contact the Northumberland County Sheriff’s Department and Detective Nancy Johnson by texting on her cell phone and explaining the situation.
Detective Johnson notified Essex County authorities and advised them of the situation and requested that the police do a “wellness check” on a person who was in the car who claimed she had been taken against her will.
Detective Johnson was able to give Essex County authorities a description of the car and the passengers. Police intercepted the vehicle as soon as it crossed over the bridge leading into Tappahannock and freed Martin and her two-year-old son from their captors. Chatham was arrested at the scene for possession of marijuana and was later charged with abduction.
Douglas refused to cooperate with authorities and was arrested on a probation violation.
He had recently been released from prison after serving almost two years after pleading guilty to malicious wounding, aggravated child abuse and resisting arrest in Westmoreland County in 2015.
Chatham was convicted of four other felonies including three counts of having carnal knowledge with a 14-year old and distribution of drugs to a minor. Chatham had met a minor on local social media and started a sexual relationship with him that lasted for several months even though he told her he was only 14 years old. She received two years on each Carnal Knowledge charge and one year on the abduction charge with all time suspended. She remains incarcerated at the Middle Peninsula Regional Jail in Saluda Virginia.
Dalton, 25, is facing charges in both Essex County and Northumberland County and is schedule for trial in Heathsville on the abduction charge on January 8, 2019.
Kayla Chatham, 23, of Quinton Oaks will serve two years in prison for Distribution of Marijuana to a minor. Chatham received a 10-year sentence but the court suspended eight years.