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Positive thoughts, actions, feelings

Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 11:16 am

The Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Neck has added a branch in Northumberland at First Baptist Church, hoping to give more families a convenient option for summer and after school activities.

For the past three years, the club was running a small satellite program at Northumberland Middle School for sixth, seventh and eighth graders, “but we kept getting feedback requesting that the club serve younger kids and those in high school,” said Jonathan Putt, operations director.

About a year-and-a-half ago, the Boys and Girls’ Club board decided to act on those requests. They struck a deal with First Baptist to lease its basement and kicked off a summer program in June. The club has now started it’s first after-school session and is accepting members from ages six to 18.

The Boys and Girls Club’s mission is to help youth reach their full potential as citizens. They accomplish that through a variety of programs ranging from healthy lifestyles to positive action, which is one the club prides itself on for implementing especially well. Positive action is a character and leadership development class based on the premise that positive thoughts lead to positive action which leads to positive feelings.

“It gets the kids thinking in a way they usually don’t. It gets them thinking of better ways to handle certain things—different situations they may get into, their emotions, things like that. They really enjoy it,” said unit director Dominique Pugh.

All programs are age appropriate, keeping kids with others their age, and the club is doing all they can to create programs that will make teens want to be active members. The Northumberland facility includes a teen center where older kids can separate themselves, and it has an Xbox and multiple TV’s so they can watch movies.

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