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Regaining strength a little closer to home

Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 4:46 pm

Brian Belfield

Brian Belfield

A helping hand has embraced the lower part of Northumberland and its residents in need of physical therapy.
After having seen patients that were coming from as far as Reedville to Belfield Physical Therapy in Warsaw, Brian Belfield, D.P.T., has expanded his business to include a clinic in the Burgess area, where he has already treated a number of locals since its recent opening.
“All the patients yesterday were saying, ‘Oh, this is so great! We only have two minutes to go, three minutes to go,’” Belfield said with a smile. “The main reason to get down here was to help this end of Northumberland County [so they’re] not having to travel 30 to 35 minutes for therapy.”
Belfield had been contemplating the idea of having a Northumberland venue for over five years, but staffing was the main issue holding him back.
“I was the only therapist in Warsaw at our clinic and we were busy, and I knew we’d be busy here, too,” Belfield said. “So I’ve had to kind of step back and train and recruit high school students and get them interested in P.T.”
With the ranks of physical therapists increasing at the Warsaw branch to include local graduates from Rappahannock and Essex high schools, Belfield has been able to make his idea of helping Northumberland residents within their county a reality.
Belfield said that the new Northumberland branch can treat any physical therapy need—be it neurological, orthopedic and/or recovery from an injury or surgery—for most ages.
He noted that they have been working with one athlete from Northumberland High School as well as many patients who are ages 50 and older. He pointed out how several older residents in the area wanted to stay active, including one patient who wanted to get back to playing pickleball at the YMCA following a knee replacement.
The center features two treatment rooms that for now includes massage therapy as well as a spacious workout gym complete with steps, a ramp and brand new, cutting-edge aerobic and Keiser weight-lifting machines that use air-resistance technology instead of weight stacks.
“We can get as low as possible. If you go to the gym, you get that weight stack, you usually have five, 10, 15, 20…

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