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Research, evolution, and social solutions

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 1:11 pm

Northumberland County’s chapter of the NAACP received the results of the survey it recently commissioned at a meeting at the community center at Browns Store last Monday night.
The chapter had engaged Research, Evaluation and Social Solutions, Inc. (REESI) to compose the survey and evaluate the results,
Dr. Tyron Williams, NAACP chapter vice-president and pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church spearheaded the effort.
The survey was designed to find out what county residents consider important and how well those important things are delivered in the county. It was also designed to find out what they know about the NAACP and how they think the NAACP can support the community.
Dr. Laverne Morrow Carter of REESI delivered the survey’s results.
Carter noted that 192 residents completed the survey, which was a “pretty good response.” Sixty five per cent of the respondents were black and 35 per cent were white, Carter said. “I was pretty impressed by the demographic mix,” she added.
Of the questions asked, both male and female respondents said the most important things in the county are good, affordable housing, availability of affordable medical care and good emergency services. The females across the board rated matters as being more important than males did.
The men and women agreed that generally Northumberland County is a good place to live, has an excellent religious community and satisfactory emergency services.
The responses were on a scale from zero to four. Very few of the satisfied responses rose above 2.7 on the scale. “If I were a leader, this wouldn’t look good to me,” Carter observed.

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