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Rick’s Watercraft and Cycle Repair is a Northern Neck repair haven

Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 11:03 am

A lineup of jet skis at Rick’s Watercraft and Cycle Repair shop in Callao.

A lineup of jet skis at Rick’s Watercraft and Cycle Repair shop in Callao.

The Northern Neck is rife with throaty sounding Harley-Davidson’s on the highways and thee buzz of Jet Ski’s on the waters of the rivers. In the summertime, it seems everyone has one or the other.

The problem is, like any other machinery, they break down, and finding a repair facility in these parts seems impossible, but not if you know of Rick’s Watercraft and Cycle Repair nestled in Callao.

Rick’s is the only street motorcycle and Jet Ski repair shop in the heart of the Northern Neck and has been for over 15 years yet as busy as he is, most folks are unaware that if they encounter a problem with their street bike or Jet Ski, Rick is ready to help.

Rick Traylor, age 54, and wife Paula have a home that sits on four acres right off of route 360 in between Westmoreland and Northumberland Counties that also houses a 30×60-foot repair shop filled with motorcycles of all makes, models and year of manufacture with the front of the property dotted with about 80 Jet Ski’s awaiting pick-up.

Rick started as a child prodigy with mechanical things, and after working for others for many years, decided to go on his own.

He is available to the masses that live and visit here for summer fun, and believe if they have a mechanical problem, they must travel great distances for repair when the truth is, help is right around the corner.

No matter what the problem, Rick can tow the broken equipment to his shop, and summer enjoyment is not lost to long waits and great distance.

Rick keeps detail documentation on each aspect of his repair. In fact, a narrative of his…

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