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Senior named Indian of the year

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 3:01 pm

On September 24, Northumberland High School recognized Senior Blake Edwards as the 2018-2019 Indian of the Year.
This prestigious recognition is awarded to the graduating senior who exemplifies the qualities of scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship, courtesy, conscientiousness, and civic virtue.
Teachers and staff nominate students for the award and the honor has become a much-anticipated program and a new tradition at Northumberland High School.
The program for ‘Indian of the Year’ started three years ago by Principal, Dr. Travis Burns, and his staff as part of a school spirit recognition program to celebrate and honor a student that best represents the Senior class in terms of citizenship, leadership and someone who sets an example for others to follow.
“It’s not just about celebrating school spirit but it’s also about promoting positive behaviors in our school,” said Dr. Burns. “I think students who know they have an opportunity to be selected for this are more inclined to do the right thing even when nobody’s looking and Blake is the perfect example of this,” Burns said.
Teachers and staff of the school who have an opportunity to interact with the students in and out of the classroom can select nominees. At that point, ballots are created and the staff votes on who they think best represents the student population.
“Blake is an awesome student with academic excellence in the classroom. He takes a lot of our most challenging courses, dual enrollment. He’s also a leader in various activities,” Burns said.

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