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Shakespeare workshop inspires teacher

Posted on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 9:47 am

An exciting professional workshop on teaching Shakespeare was recently held at the Blackfair Theatre in Staunton, Va. Chesapeake Academy’s own Hillary Smith, Middle School Specialist, took part in this innovative workshop led by Shakespeare and Performance experts Co-Founder and Director of Mission Dr. Ralph Cohen, Director of Education Sarah Enloe, and a team of Education Artists.
The workshop explored how Shakespeare used his text to direct actors and demonstrated how simple choices can change the scene and create a different story. The combination of textual analysis and performance is particularly powerful as a technique for Literature and Theatre classes. Smith explains, “Little to no rehearsal time in Shakespeare’s theatre meant that the Bard had to give actors as much information as possible in the text.”
Smith was excited by the hands-on seminar, and remarked, “This combination of textual analysis and performance will really help my students plug into Shakespeare without Shakesfear!”