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Storytime at the Ye Ol’ Book Store

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 5:13 pm

Arthur S. Newman was on hand Saturday at the Ye Ol’ Book Store in Heathsville celebrating the publication of his second book.

Newman said it all started for him in 2011 with Borders Books.

“They turn your word documents into a E-Book,” Newman said. He went through the process and had his first book published in 2011 called “Ever caught a rabbit in a cornfield?” The book tells the story about a mischievous little boy who wants to hold the rabbit. The four-year-old boy sneaks out at dinnertime to hold one of the two rabbits in a cage. After he pets the rabbit and goes to put it back in the cage, he notices the second rabbit is missing. The boy starts looking for the second rabbit and sees it jump into a large cornfield. He must find the rabbit before his father gets home.

After much interest in his first book, he decided to keep writing and just recently released his second book entitled ‘Ever tangled with lightning?’ The seven short stories book was originally written for 13-year-olds and up.

Right before Newman was ready to send the book out for publication, a friend suggested to Newman that he should have his book illustrated because children like pictures.

Newman knew that hiring an artist to illustrate his book could get very expensive.

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Author Arthur S. Newman presented his

books to the children of Heathsville.