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The great outdoors with Steve Scala

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 4:19 pm

The upcoming Memorial Day Weekend and holiday are 3 days that for many boaters is their summer season kickoff for time on the water.  Among some specific safety issues to keep in mind are two important points weather permitting; 1) there may be more people on the water boating and fishing this coming Saturday through Monday than last weekend and 2) for some folks, this weekend could be their first time aboard a boat since late last summer or early fall. With increased boating traffic, some extra caution while on the water is the safest approach. The Memorial Day holiday is a great time to have guests with you enjoying boating and fishing. Remember to provide special attention to any folks who are unfamiliar with what being aboard a boat is all about. Before leaving the dock, show them how to properly wear a life jacket. Make sure they have proper clothing and especially footwear that will provide both comfort and safe footing. Hats or caps, sunglasses and sunscreen should be priorities. Have them bring some light jackets in case they need to cover up or put on something dry. Have plenty of water aboard and for this weekend in particular, always have someone with boating experience at the helm when transiting crowded or busy waterways. For boating safety information visit the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website at,

Slot Stripers

With 3 different recreational striped bass seasons now underway in or near Northumberland County and the rest of the Northern Neck, interest in catching the 20-28 inch slot size stripers in the Potomac River and Virginia waters is on the increase. Note that Maryland’s recreational striped bass season has a 19-28 inch slot size with some specific stipulations on the type of tackle being used. This smaller class of stripers is the favorite of many anglers and we should all release any undersized fish as quickly and gently as possible to help reduce catch and release mortality.

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