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Tommy’s no more

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 11:47 am

Since Tommy Crowther opened a restaurant in the old Blundon-Hinton general store building in Reedville in 2005 it has become a favorite to diners from all over the region. Recently, its ownership changed along with the name. No longer is it ”Tommy’s” but rather “The Reedville Market,” the place’s original name. Other than that, the changes, which don’t meet the eye, involve renovations to the building and enhancements to the staff.

Sheila Berman, who is acting as the manager of the restaurant, said Saturday that the staff has been expanded to speed up service time. The kitchen has added three cooks working with the chef and sous chef, table bussers and a second bartender. None of the original staff has left, Berman noted.

Berman said the additional cooks I are important because the dishes served at The Reedville Market are made from scratch. Another change that speeds things along is that there now is one employee solely responsible for preparing and serving salads.

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