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U.S. Congressional candidates divided on proposed EPA rule

Posted on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:04 am

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a rule that would require a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from coal fired power plants within the next 30 years. At a meeting last week, U.S. Congressional candidate Norm Mosher said he is aware of the proposal and is in favor of the rule’s adoption. Incumbent Rob Wittman, on the other hand, said Monday that he opposes the rule as it is proposed. Usually people aren’t particularly aware of proposed federal rules changes, but this one is different. Two weeks ago, at the Northern Neck Electric Cooperative’s annual meeting, more than 500 residents of the Northern Neck, the cooperative’s members, heard the coop’s CEO, Greg White inveigh against the proposed rule and ask them to become involved in the electricity industry’s efforts to forestall the rule’s adoption.

White said the Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, of which NNEC is one of 11 members, generates 40 percent of the power it distributes at its own plants, and 60 percent of that 40 percent comes from its relatively new coal-fired Clover Power Station. The station was built in compliance will all emission standards in the 1990’s and has 30 years of life left, White said. If the new rules go into effect, particularly because the technology to accomplish the reductions doesn’t exist, operations at the Clover plant would have to be “significantly less” or perhaps even ended entirely, White noted.

“The proposed EPA rule has some serious problems and it is going to force the price of electricity to increase,” White…


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