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Valued EMT, friend

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 4:27 pm

MidCounty Volunteer Rescue Squad raised over $2,200 for Melvin Cockrell, “a valued EMT” who has been on the crew for 12 years. In August, a car rear-ended Cockrell while he was riding a motorcycle and attempting to turn into his driveway near Callao.

The car was going “nearly highway speed,” and the impact threw Cockrell from the bike, causing a severe leg injury. It has required several surgeries, a skin graft and now he also needs rehab, explained squad captain Joe Schlatter.

Due to the severity of Cockrell’s injury and a storm that prevented Medevac flights to Richmond, Cockrell was flown to Washington DC for treatment after the accident. “Now, once a week he has to drive all the way to the District—three hours up and three hours back—to see the doctors. So they’ve got gas and meals and those expenses,” said Schlatter.

A few years ago, Cockrell developed a heart condition that limits his physical abilities. He isn’t “fully employed” and he has two children at home. “Melvin was always on the spot to help anyone in need,” Schlatter added. So, this past Saturday his squad members hosted a chicken dinner, seizing the opportunity to help him.

Cockrell is working on his recovery and said he plans to return to his duties as an EMT. “But I have a long road ahead,” he said.