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Windows into history

Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 9:55 am

For the first time in nearly 50 years, sunlight once again floods the halls and schoolrooms of the previously boarded up Julius Rosenwald School in Reedville.  The seemingly forgotten schoolhouse located just outside of the heart of town has undoubtedly captured the attention of those passing through over the years.  Now, 100 years after the initial building and opening of school, life is being restored to the old schoolhouse and its fascinating history will soon fill the minds of all who come to visit and learn.

On Saturday, November 4, at the first public event the school has seen in years, the boards covering the window openings were carefully removed after being in place for nearly 5 decades and the original windows, which have all been kept safely stored away over the years were restored to their original housing. Saturday’s event represents a major step forward in the restoration process, as it is the first official project that will be outwardly visible to the public.

Restoration planning began around 2010 with the formation of a board with the grandeur goal of completely revitalizing the old school house and bringing its back to its original condition as a museum and community center. Until recently, planning has mostly been kept behind closed doors. Though not much visible work has been done yet, project manager Brenda Bullock explains that extensive work has already been done behind the scenes.

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